Presenting Steve Beaulieu.

Even from an early age, Steve has always had an inquiring and curious nature. He loved to explore, discovering new things and was very adventurous. He enjoyed learning about something, then trying it himself, before putting it into action and then experimenting with it.

The journey continues: of self discovery and experiencing life during several years spent in Alberta.

Here are a few words about his journey in Western Canada.
The adventure began by hitching a ride with nothing but $40.00 in his pocket, a rucksack and a travelling companion.

He wanted to find out how he would cope. What’s more, it was in the middle of winter and had nothing but a pretty, little tent to sleep in.

But nothing stops him. He loves to try out and explore all areas of work, to develop himself constantly and to experiment boldly.

Ambitious, persistent and already clearly evident, Steve’s leadership skills were by now growing even stronger. From one challenge to the next, he had a passion to improve himself in all kinds of ways, even by descending the Rockies by snowboard.

Quickly becoming very versatile with his skills and his ambition to be bilingual, his journey continued with a transport company. There, the management quickly recognized the enormous potential for development in Steve in several areas of work.

He then continued to further develop his abilities and, above all, put them to work in the service of the business. He became involved in the running of management committees. He still wanted more: courses and training in communication, systems, structures, sound techniques.

Always with a great interest in exploring, creating and experimenting: he then established a vending machine company. After many years of development, the business became independent and very profitable, which is when he chose to sell it.

After having made the sales, done the negotiation, the buying and prospecting, he developed a very strong interest in getting involved in real estate.

During courses and training in coaching he had access to a high level of competence, mastery and efficiency.

Being a visionary makes up an important part of him and allows him nothing less than being in the forefront of things.

You may think that it is where it ends, well no, his career continues with the launch into real estate. He did a course and, it goes without saying, that success is achieved with a real estate broker’s license.
There is, then, so much evidence of success and determination to succeed in everything he undertakes.
He has always been motivated, stimulated and goal orientated, in order to be close to people, to achieve team results. His experience, along with his qualifications and professional expertise, make him the best real estate broker to choose.
Steve Beaulieu.