I deal with everything requiring an extensive knowledge of the market and have a great negotiating ability in real estate transactions.

I assure the coordination of all stages of the transaction

  • Making an assessment of the market value in an objective way
  • Namely, the marketing
  • Scheduling the visits
  • Certain documents required by the notary for the transaction

With your interests in mind, I can confidently recommend to you the professionals you will need during this process; whether it is a surveyor, building inspector, notary, financial institution or mortgage broker.

Drafting the promises to buy and the counter offer.

With me you will enjoy the privileges of a professional broker.  I have access to the inter-agency services, S.I.A./M.L.S., which are reserved for real estate professionals, with regard to all the brokers in Quebec, with whom your property is published, as well as many other tools…

I can assure you that everything is done to ensure maximum satisfaction at each stage.  You will be entitled to a personalized service, whether you are a buyer or seller.

I am here to protect your interests throughout the transaction, regardless of whether you are buying or selling.